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Articulation refers to the review process between postsecondary institutions regarding the transferability of courses and is coordinated and facilitated by the Office of the Registrar. The process involves developing formal written agreements between institutions to accept specific courses (or sequences of courses) from a sending campus that are comparable to, or in lieu of, a specific course (or courses) at the receiving campus.

Formal articulation agreements between SSU and a California Community College are located on ASSIST.  Assist is the official public database of articulation information for California’s public colleges and universities.  The agreements listed in ASSIST meet major and minor requirements only. This information should not be used to meet GE requirements.

Articulation with Private and Out-of-State Insititutions 

Even though Articulation agreement priority is given to California community colleges and universities, some agreements have been established for private and out-of-state institutions that are not listed in ASSIST.  The Transfer Evaluation System (TES) database houses these agreements. 

CSU Fully Online Courses 

The CSU Fully Online Courses website enables CSU students to take one, free, online course every term (semester or quarter) through many of the CSU’s 23 campuses. A “fully online” course is any course that’s offered completely online, meaning there’s no in-person instruction with a professor.

Test Credit

External Exams (AP, CLEP, IB)

Students who are eligible to receive academic credit based on the results of Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), or College Level Examination Program (CLEP) have their official test scores sent directly to SSU in order to receive transfer credit. Test credit granted by another institution does not automatically transfer to SSU.

Advanced Placement (AP)

Select year exam was completed:

SSU AP Exam Equivalencies 2023-2024
SSU AP Exam Equivalencies 2022-2023
SSU AP Exam Equivalencies 2021-2022
SU AP Exam Equivalences 2020-2021
SSU AP Exam Equivalencies 2019-20

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Select year exam was completed:

SSU CLEP Equivalencies 2023-2024
SSU CLEP Equivalencies 2022-2023
SSU CLEP Equivalencies 2021-2022
SU CLEP Equivalencies 2020-2021
SSU CLEP Equivalencies 2019-20

International Baccalaureate (IB)

Select year exam was completed:

SSU IB Exam Equivalencies 2023-2024
SSU IB Exam Equivalencies 2022-2023
SSU IB Exam Equivalencies 2021-2022
SU IB Exam Equivalencies 2020-2021
SSU IB Exam Equivalencies 2019-20

DSST Exams

SSU DSST Exam Equivalencies 2019-20

Information about DSST exams can be found at the Get College Credit website.

Transfer Credit

Sonoma State University will accept courses from accredited colleges and universities that are designated as baccalaureate level at the institution where the work was completed. Some courses may be used to meet specific requirements in General Education(GE) or the major. Transferable courses that do not meet any specific requirement will be accepted as elective credits. Once you are a Sonoma State student you can request your course work to be evaluated for General Education or work towards the major. To request a course be evaluated for GE complete the Petition for GE Course Substitution. For a course substitution for the major meet with your major advisor and complete the Academics Requirements Report Update Form.  Both forms should be submitted to the Office of the Registrar when completed.

Associate's Degree for Transfer (SB1440)

The California State University and the California community college systems have collaborated under the Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act (Senate Bill 1440) to create the Associate of Arts for Transfer (AA-T) and the Associate of Science for Transfer (AS-T) degree programs. The collaboration allows students who complete an Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) to satisfy lower division general education and major requirements determined by the community college in order to create a clear pathway to transfer into a CSU. Upon completion of the ADT, students are eligible to transfer into the CSU system with junior standing and within the same major as their ADT degree. If you are interested in pursuing an AS-T or AA-T degree, please meet with your current academic adviser or visit the Associate Degree for Transfer website.