ADA Compliant Forms

These forms have been created to be compliant with ADA standards. When you have completed the form, please email them to

Change of Major
This form is used to request a new major, additional major, minor, or change of catalog year. It is also used to drop majors and minors.

General Petition for Waiver of University Regulations
This form is used to petition or waive University regulations suchs as retroactive withdrawals, GE unit requirements, catalog year, and more as outlined in the Sonoma State catalog.

Leave of Absence
This form is to be used by students requesting a leave of absence for one or two consectuive semesters. 

Petition for Extra Units
This for is used by students requesting to register for more than the maximum units set for the term as outlined by unit limits.

Petition to Withdraw From a Class
Petitions to withdraw from a class after the deadline are accepted for review when a student has serious and compelling reasons that prevented them from meeting the withdraw deadline. To view deadlines, please check the Registration Calendar