Top Registration Tips

  1. Know when to register, increase units, repeat courses, waitlist, pay fees, make late schedule changes.
  2. Clear holds that may prevent you from registering.
  3. Make every unit count.  See your advisor and plan ahead using degree planning tools.
  4. Understand academic policies that can affect your enrollment including attendance, course requisites, credit/no credit grading, maximum unit load, repeating courses, and withdrawing.
  5. Use Class Search to preview classes before enrollment begins. 
  6. Begin registering when your enrollment appointment arrives and thereafter.  Add, drop or swap classes online during registration periods.
  7. Drop classes you no longer want during the first two weeks of instruction, or you will get a grade of "WU" (unauthorized withdraw" which calculates as an "F" in GPA calculations. 
  8. Check your account balance whenever you add or drop classes, and pay tuition and other fees bhefore the published deadlines.