How Do I Change the Grade Mode for a Class?

A grade mode change can be done through your Student Center as long as the change is being done before census. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for when census is. If you wish to change your grade mode but it is past the deadline to do online, you can fill out a Petition for Waiver of University Regulations. Please note that some courses do not have the option to change the grade mode. You can check the class description, or you can check the Course Catalog

To change your grade mode online, please refer to the instructions below. 

1. In your Student Center, under Academics, select Enroll. 

2. Select Edit and then select the course you wish to update.

3. In the Class Preferences, click the drop-down menu next to Grading and change the grade mode. 

4. Double-check the course information, if everything is correct select Finish Editing. 

5. If the course has been updated, a check mark will appear under Status