How and when do I apply for graduation?

We have three Graduation terms Spring, Summer, and Fall. Actual graduation dates vary each year but are generally in May, August, and December respectively. Application deadlines are posted on the graduation web page.   

Application processes will vary for undergraduate and graduate students; see below for details.

Former students (not current students) who have not attended SSU for more than two semesters will need to follow special instructions on the graduation web page.

Undergraduate Students

Please see this helpful video for details on the online graduation application process: How Do I Apply Online To Graduate? 

You must set up an appointment with your Major Advisor to go over your program and determine when you will be ready to apply. You may apply online once you have completed 90 units and have at least 15 units completed in residence (at Sonoma State).

Graduate Students

Must submit the Master's Degree Graduation Application.

Please refer to Graduate Studies for additional information.