Check for Holds and View Your Registration Appt Time

How to View Holds

  1. First obtain your UserID and Password.
  2. Then Login
  3. Before finding your registration appointment, first check for any holds.

click on SA Self Service, Enrollment, Enrollment Dates

Click on Details link above for additional information. Here you will see the name of the hold, the date it was placed and the Department that placed the hold. Not all holds prevent registration so click the hold hyperlink(s) for additional information.

select the semester and year, then click on 'change'

Click on the hold for more information:

your reg dates will be displayed


How to View Your Registration Appointment Time

Now that you have reviewed any potential holds and have taken care of them, you’re ready to view your registration appointment day and time.

Return to your Student Center page. There, on the right, you will see the date and time of your appointment. In this example, the student’s appointment starts April 21st at 10:00am:

Click on the Enrollment Appointment(s) hyperlink for additional information. You can verify your start and end dates for your appointment and see the total amount of units you can register for and how many you can waitlist.