My school offers Electronic Delivery (EDI/XML/PDF). Why do I only see these options on some of my recipients?

While Electronic Delivery is certainly the fastest way to get your transcript sent to a recipient and provides the highest degree of confidence that your order has been received, it is also a complicated process that requires that both the sender and receiver have special programs in place to deal with transcripts in electronic format. Schools that have the ability to accept and automatically process electronic transcripts in EDI or XML (i.e. data file) format, often do not want to accept PDF transcripts because PDFs in most cases require manual processing. For this reason, you will see different delivery options on your order based solely on which receiving institution you have chosen. Furthermore, at this time, EDI and XML delivery is only available to accredited post-secondary institutions and not to businesses or other non-academic recipients. Depending on your school, PDFs may or may not be available to 3rd parties such as individuals and businesses.